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The inspiration for the "Raw Wood" series started from a discarded section of 2x4 lumber that had “imperfections” or “flaws” that made it unusable as structural lumber. When I looked at it I saw the beauty of the wood grain and the enchanting shape and depth of areas of decay.  Following these lines, I worked to enhance the natural beauty present in the wood.

 We live in a throw-away culture, always ready to discard or disregard that which doesn’t fit into our idea of how things should be. This work demonstrates that things or people that don’t fit, in one respect, can be seen or approached in a different way and be valued and be beautiful through a new way of seeing.

Raw Wood # 3

44”x 2.5” 

encaustic,dyes, glass


Detail Raw Wood #2

     Raw Wood # 2

32”x 3.5” 

               encaustic, dyes, glass


Raw Wood #6

36" x 4" x 7"

encaustic, pigments


Detail Raw Wood #6

Raw Wood #1

8"x 4" plus stand


                            Raw Wood #4

11”x 16”

encaustic,shellac, pigments


Raw Wood #5

11”x 11 ”

encaustic, shellac, pigments, glass  


Raw Wood  # 7 (diptych)

36"x 6"

encaustic, shellac, pigments



Raw Wood # 7

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